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I called to tell you what a refreshing experience I had the first time I brought our Dodge vehicles in for service at Don K. By way of full disclosure, my brother is a former division level mgr. for Chrysler in Texas and he is now a consultant for Chrysler. I have been a Dodge driver for over 20 years and have had our vehicles serviced only by Dodge dealers from purchase to sale/trade. I am if I may say a bit manic when it comes to doing 'scheduled' and necessary maintenance.

To shorten the story, we have a '99 Durango and an '08 RAM 3500. The reason for my initial impression is that I brought in my 3500 truck in for a problem related the engine light on the dash which turned out to be a warranty issue related to the emission system. It was managed efficiently and appropriately by your Service department the first time… (much different than my recent experiences with your predecessor, Kari). I then left our '99 Durango, with which we have had a number of issues relating to the heater over the past several years. We have been complaining for over 3 years by my recollection that that we cannot get the heater to heat… (very chilly in subzero temps) and that the steering has been 'wondering'. When I left the vehicle with Jason, I asked that we get any scheduled service (oil change) but if he could have someone look at the heating system I would appreciate it. Well, I received a very pleasing call from Jason that you (your tech/mechanic) determined that all that was needed was to 'flush' the heater core. Not a hard or difficult thing but something Kari could not figure out over the past 3 years or so… and then, independently of any complaint I made, your folks determined that the steering was 'wondering' and it was the tie rods. Again very logical but something the folks at Kari could not solve after any number of discussions over the past couple of years. Quite frankly I had given up on solving both issues. But I do like the vehicle and it continues to serve our needs. Now I feel like we have a 'new' vehicle again. Thank you for doing the right thing the first time and taking the initiative to treat our vehicles like they were yours and ones you would want to drive.

Please share this with any one that cares and in particular your boss Don K and Chrysler.  I have been impressed in my dealings with your boss on a civic level for a number of years but you and your service department have added to that admiration. In short, I am very pleased you are now my Dodge dealer.

Frank S.
I recently approached Don K's Aaron Farris to discuss and evaluate a potential truck purchase. They had a decent price on a very well kept and highly optioned 2010 Dodge RAM2500 QuadCab LB 4x4 with low miles (43K). I was pleasantly surprised that Aaron knew more than most sales people do about Dodge Diesel trucks and their options, and if he didn't know the answer, he was willing to search and find out and get back with me (I think he mentioned that he did the truck ordering for the dealership). He even informed me of a few things I didn't know about the Dodge trucks. Over a period of a few days, I evaluated Don K's offer with similar trucks from 2 other dealers, and due to distance away, current options on each truck, and final selling price, I ended up selecting a truck from another dealer that fit my needs best at a lower total cost. Because of the high quality service I received, I really wanted to purchase from Aaron and Don K Chrysler - they came down in price enough for me to feel like it was a pretty good deal and I considered paying just a bit more - but it just didn't have all the options I needed and total cost out of pocket was going to be about $1500 more than the other truck to get it set up how I wanted (honestly, my wife and I liked the other color better!). After coming down in price, I felt it was a fair deal and just couldn't ask them to come down anymore, but before he knew I put a deposit on the other truck - and without me even asking - Aaron offered to approach his sales manager to see if he could negotiate any more reduction in cost and came back with just a little more off. All in all, I appreciate the professional sales experience I received and will refer other folks to them for their truck needs (I have family and friends that periodically buy trucks for their work). Thank you Aaron and Don K for being a fair and upright dealership!
Ken S.
We were driving across country in my 2000 Grand Cherokee.  We had gone almost 3000 miles and we had another 3000 to go.  We were taking the round about way from DC to San Diego.  We woke up one morning in Whitefish and my car would turn over but wouldn't start.  I jumped it from a friendly neighbor at the hotel and drove it directly to Don K.  I told them what was wrong and they said they would look at it.  I told them my situation and basically wrote them a blank check to do whatever it takes to get my Jeep in working condition.  They called me back two hours later and told me to come in.  They told me I had a weak battery and they recommended replacing it.  They showed me a diagram of my car with a review of all the fluids, tire wear, and overall maintenance condition of my car.  They stated it was in good shape.  In all, I bought a new battery and only lost two hours of my vacation in Glacier.  Don K was honest and provided superior customer service.  I would recommend this place to all my friends.
Christopher T.
We were in Kalispell, trying to decide if we wanted to retire in this town. I woke up from the hotel and saw something leaking from under my jeep. It was 25 degrees outside so I thought for sure whatever it was, it wasn't water because that would of froze right? Anyway I took it to Don K, and they put if right on the lift for me and conducted an inspections. There was no waiting and the service rep was awesome, he even gave us advise on where to look for great land to retire in Montana.
Matthew C.
Don K Is a great place to shop for a new vehicle, I recommend them to anyone that's looking for a great used or new car that wants a hassle free buying experience. The customer service is 5 star! If you want a great deal on a new car go to Don K!!!! You won't be disappointed!
Phillip B.
I had never been a fan of dealerships until a few years back when I made a purchase from Don K. I just completed my 4th purchase from them because I have had complete satisfaction with all my purchases and service. they do a great job and have always been honest and fair with me.
John M P.
We want to thank Greg Shaffer for introducing us to Matt Smith and setting the purchase of this new vehicle in motion. Greg has provided excellent support while servicing our vehicles for many years. He walked us over to the showroom and introduced us to Matt Smith. Greg followed up later to make sure all was going well. Every part of this transaction worked to our satisfaction. Matt Smith, Travis Squires and Josh Gale went out of their way to help make our move to this new SUV pleasant and successful.
Lance G.
From my experience as an insurance adjuster I have had extensive professional experience with Don K's body shop which has led me to recommend it to several friends that have asked me for personal recommendations. All of them have been very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the excellent customer service. I have also used the shop for work to my own vehicle based on my professional experiences. I would recommend this shop to anyone who values quality, true customer service and outstanding warranty service(not that you will need it).
Ward M.


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